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Modern Dating Is Fucked

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About Masculine Prime

We help high-performing men attract and effortlessly build relationships with quality women to create true Lifestyle Mastery. Our clients achieve this through leveraging high-value and high-impact communication, advanced leadership principles, and psychology-based attraction skills. Our key aim is to save you time and effort in your journey to build the lifestyle you desire with the women you truly want to attract.

In the last five years, we have coached over 50 live confidence workshops across 14 cities in 8 countries.

We has also worked with over 200 clients through group and one to one consulting programs.

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Proven Outcomes

“Tim’s consulting worked perfectly because it opened my mind up to what was really possible. I’m seeing three new girls now.”

Inder, Canada


“Tim’s consulting is hands down the best experience there is in the market. The biggest difference is the idea of being relaxed and having women naturally attracted to you.”

Ashwin, Texas

Tech Consultant

“In one weekend of our consulting, I went on four dates in just over 24 hours. Every single girl was more attractive than any other girl I had been out with in the previous three years.”

Brian, New Jersey

Financial Consultant

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